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Food Truck Stories with Cupcake Carnivale

Jeffrey, tell us all about your food truck, what makes you special?

Cupcake Carnivale is one of the first mobile sweet trucks that graced

the food truck scene in New Jersey back in March of 2012. We

specialize in artisan, gourmet cupcakes made from scratch. We only use all

natural and premium ingredients in our product. For example, our chocolate is

imported from Belgium or France and our Vanilla comes from Madagascar.

We also sell other freshly baked goods and desserts if one is not in the

mood for a cupcake.


Why did you decide to open a food truck?

I have always wanted to own my own dessert business and with the

popularity of Food Trucks on the rise, I thought now would have been

the perfect time to take that chance. That was almost 4 years ago and our

cupcake truck has obtained a large following all over NJ and the

Philadelphia area. I am very grateful for all the support and repeat

business our followers (old and new) have given me and my cupcakes through the years.


What’s your most popular menu item?

My Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcake (Valrhona Chocolate Cupcake

topped with a rich chocolate Chip Cookie dough topping and topped with a

swirl of Belgium Chocolate Buttercream Frosting) is my biggest seller.


Tell us about a favorite or memorable event you’ve participated in?

There were two. My most memorable event was when I sold over 1000 cupcakes

for the first time which was at the Jersey Shore Food Truck Wars in

Monmouth Park, NJ back in 2012! It was so surreal looking out my service

window and seeing an endless line of people excited to try my cupcakes!

And also being chosen by Zagat back in 2013 as one of the “Top 10 Must

Try Food Trucks” in the Country. Our Cupcake Truck was the only food

truck from New Jersey and Philly to be a part of that list as well as

the only sweet truck.


What’s the best part about having a food truck?

The best part of owning and operating a food truck is that I get to

interact with my customers while showcasing my menu at any given

location. It brings me a lot of joy meeting my customers in person

rather than working in a kitchen at a restaurant behind the scenes. My

customers can put a face to my brand while providing them with the

“food truck” experience, which has become a foodie phenomenon in this



Who is Mama Carny?

My mom’s name is Pat, otherwise known as “Mama Carny” She has been a huge

supporter since day one and she actually has a cult following of people

that come to my truck just to see her! Now that she’s getter older,

(80 yrs old) her visits have been less frequent since “Food Truckin’”

entails so much hard work. But when she does make an appearance, followers

flock to my truck. Mama Carny has been an integral part of my business because

of her amazing personality and her maternal nature and kind nature to my customers.

She loves working outside my truck and just talking to anyone that comes our way.


Do you do weddings and/or catering?

Yes, Cupcake Carnivale caters to any type of event, both corporate and

private parties. You can send an email at

for more information on how our catering service works or you can call

directly at 609-751-8484


Where can we find you on the street or do you have restaurant?

To find our cupcake truck, you will need to follow Cupcake Carnivale on Social

Media (i.e. Facebook or Twitter) to find our location on any given day,

week or month. We are working on opening our very own a Brick and

Mortar shop soon!


Thank you Jeffrey!

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jersey shore Food Truck Fest CROWD 5-23

Record numbers attended the Jersey Shore Food Truck Festival at Monmouth Park Racetrack over Memorial Day Weekend in Oceanport, NJ. 60,000 guests enjoyed amazing cuisine from 38 food trucks. Monmouth Park reported an increase of 37% guests since last year.

Thank you to everyone who came out to the Jersey Shore Food Truck Festival. We love our fans and our awesome vendors.

Photo by Colleen Leslie