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Wink, tell us all about your food truck, what makes you special?

It stems from our signature sandwich, which is the Spudwich. We take an oversized potato and we bake it. We cut it lengthwise and then we scoop out the insides. We deep fry it and then we add one of our special stuffings. We reassemble it and you eat it like a sandwich, where the potato shells act as the bread.

From that, we constantly experiment with all manner of the potato, from simple fries, to a fried potato wrapped in bacon on a stick, to a completely over the top mashed potato bar with toppings that range from the classic, such as broccoli and bacon, to the exotic like a lobster and filet mignon

Why did you decide to open a food truck?

We used to own a bakery in Philadelphia and, quite frankly, we missed it. What we missed most was the great reactions we got from people eating our food. We looked at playing with potatoes, after playing mad scientist for a few weekends, came up with some really tasty items and we thought, “Hey, maybe this could work on a food truck.” Once the wheels were in motion we could think of little else.

What’s your most popular menu item?

Without a doubt, our most popular item is the Bacon Cheeseburger Spudwich. We take the classic American flavor profile of burgers and fries and stand it on its head.

Tell us about a favorite or memorable event you’ve participated in?

It’s so hard to pick a favorite as all the events are fun and memorable. One that stands out because it is how we usually start our season is the Food Truck Festival in Great Adventure. It’s a great event. All the vendors pull out all the stops, and everyone flexes their culinary muscles, and you’re serving against the backdrop these great roller coasters and rides.

What’s the best part about having a food truck?

The best part is to see the reactions of those eating our food. To see the smiles of our customer is what makes it all worth it. That’s really the payoff for us. We love our customers. They are the most awesome customers on the planet.

Do you do weddings and/or catering?

We do cater events and weddings. For those that want a memorable food experience, that shows a bit of edge and is still budget friendly, we can be your right answer.

Where can we find you on the street or do you have restaurant?

We’re talking about a having a brick and mortar establishment, but right now it is in the VERY early stages

Thank you Wink.

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