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Hi Peter, can you tell us all about your food truck, what makes you special?

We are Dump-N-Roll. We specialize in creative dumpling and spring rolls. Taking inspiration from all cultures, utilizing the world spice rack and letting people experience something unique, familiar and different. Imagine the food you love in bite-size bites. That’s our concept. We are current the only food truck delivering our concept on wheels.

Why did you decide to open a food truck?

In 2003, I was inspired to be one of the best chefs in the world. That fire from within simply burnt out 6 years later. Dedicating so much and feeling as though I had nothing, but some knife skills. I left the culinary side in search of something better. I landed a job as a server for a several years.  A seed was planted and it helped build my confidence in handling the nature of human behaviors more professionally.

Then in 2011, I was hired at Jefferson Hospital with the best job I ever held as a Cook and Supply Chain Technician. Unfortunately 3 years later, I was unhappy with being content and the path I foresaw. In mid-2012, during the darkest hours of my life, when all is well and everything felt wrong in my own head. I received my calling to utilize the gift I was given at birth. A gift I’d been honing all this time and after all these years; I’m ready to fully utilize its potential.  Being a “Giver” is my gift. The “giver” role is to give from the heart and expect nothing in return. In return the universe will supply all that is needed. My core mission is to give back to the community, to the world. Mainly the generations of tomorrow. Instilling into them that no matter what circumstances we face. That impossible is actually spelled I’M POSSIBLE!

At that time, the seed that was sowed within me many years ago as a chef reignited more ferocious than ever. Not knowing where to start, I somehow knew I wanted to open a food truck. My original idea was T-N-T “A lil bit of THIS-N-THAT”. On Thanksgiving 2012, during a drunken conversation amongst family, my original idea was blown to piece when my cousin suggested “Dump-N-Roll; dumplings and spring rolls”. At that moment the brightest lightbulb illuminated and I knew nothing will stop me from achieving this goal. After investing over 18 months and 1100 hours, I completed my business plan and saved over $10,000.

I bought my truck with the money I saved and took the business plan to a small business committee called The Enterprise Center. Applying for a loan to get the truck fabricated; The Enterprise Center bought my dream and business plan and funded me a $35,000 loan with no prior history in business. Dump-N-Roll finally debuted to the public with a pop-up event on March 14, 2015. Now, currently 10 months in the making, “we are humbled to be doing better than we can ever imagine”.

What’s your most popular menu item?

Our Far West Wonton is our most popular menu item. It’s life changing to be honest. Just imagine a chipotle turkey bacon cheeseburger in a tempura dipped wonton paired with a smoky honey bourbon bbq sauce. How about the best mac and cheese you ever had, plus a generous portion of crab and roll them into egg rolls?

Tell us about a favorite or memorable event you’ve participated in

It’s amazing how two completely different individuals; with a balanced chemistry and same visionary goals can overcome so many adversities by working in sync alongside one another. Five months into our food truck venture in September 2015 is my most memorable event. Our biggest challenge was to churn out food in a timely manner with lines a half a block long and 2 guys. A seemingly small 3hr event took both my chef and I by surprise. At the end of the day, there was no major mishap nor complaint. I would never imagined, two people can possibly produce that much product in that amount of time, but we did!!! Working so well together, like a well-oiled machine.

 What’s the best part about having a food truck?

It may be cliché. Engaging with some many diverse individuals and the freedom to produce products that can brighten people days with a just a bite is the best part about having a food truck. Investing my energy into a craft that I truly love doing, just to witness a perfect stranger reaction never gets old and to set no limits on what is possible.

Do you do weddings and/or catering?

We service all parties big and small

Where can we find you on the street or do you have restaurant?

You can find us at malls and outlets throughout PA and NJ. It’s always best to follow us and peek at our calendar on our site to get up to date info.

Thank you Peter.

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